From Sicily to Trentino directly in the heart of Judo San Trento


Hello everyone,

My name is Giuseppe Bonanno, I’m 23 years old and I’m born in Catania.

I have always practiced since the infancy the beautiful discipline which is judo.

I practiced Judo for most of my life at A.S.D. Dynamic Center Judo (Gravina di Catania), my trainer was the sensei Giovanni Strazzeri (6th Dan).

Down from my parts we train 5 times a week, with rain and storm, there are no vacation periods except May 1, April 25, December 25 and August 15. If you are wondering, yes, even December 31 or January 1 is happened to have a training.

Which is the essence of this list of dates?

The essence is that we consider us a family and love to be together, it is not just physical training.

Judo is not an individual sport as many think, but is a team sport made of effort and respect.

The respect in minimum things: you can’t refuse the invitation of an advanced belt, you have to ask for permission to go up and get out of the tatami.

Subsequently for studying reasons I came here to the North to study Engineering.

After recovering an injury at my left knee kept me out of the tatami for a while, then I started to practice judo at A.S.D. Judo San (Trento).

I can say, that in my experiences I have seen gyms; with sensei that focused only on the most performing judoka, with sensei who didn’t have enthusiasm, with sensei who made you fall in love with this discipline as the first time.

So, I think that in my way I found the last case.

When a joined the dojo I didn’t have many expectations, because I came from a dojo where we define us a family, so it’s difficult to find again those feelings in a place that is “extraneous”.

I’m happy to write that this expectation didn’t become a reality.

Sensei Dan Ioan Cutean (3rd Dan) is well prepared, good and he has a great love for the discipline.

It’s a person who opened the doors of his dojo by treating me as a judoka that didn’t see for a long time, which is important. As we know by definition the newcomer is never well seen.

Accompanied by his wife, sensei Maria Zoia Cutean (2nd Dan), they form a technical high-level team and for this reason they have nothing to envy in the gyms that are in the area.

Unfortunately, my agonistic recovery didn’t go well, the right knee, perhaps envious of the left knee, decided to pitch a crack sound to alert me of it existence.

A phrase I like to cite in these cases is this: “Life throws you down, but no matter how many times you fall, but how many times you get up.”

A better phrase couldn’t exist for this sport, bacause in Judo, the first thing you learn from tha start is to fall.

In A.S.D. Judo San I have known people who are wonderful, kind and with the will power to grow up.

Judo (“Way of Cedevolence”) refers to Bushido’s values (“Warrior’s Way”), I go to list these principles and then re-interpret them as I have assimilated:

  1. Gi: Honesty and Justice
  2. Yu: Heroic Courage
  3. Jin: Compassion
  4. Rei: Gentle courtesy
  5. Makoto: Complete Sincerity
  6. Meiyo: Honor
  7. Chugi: Duty and Loyalty

Honesty: on tatami there aren’t differences, no racism, no stress, be honest with yourself and with others.

Heroic Courage: be always the best, even if the day is not the best.

Compassion: the training makes you strong and form you as a personality, use that strength to help those who are younger than you.

Gentle Courtesy: Rei. Every time the training starts, in the start or in the end of a fight, it all begins and ends with a worship. If you win, thank the opponent for the fight;

If you lost, thank your opponent for teaching you something more.

Loyalty: Be kind to your friends.

In conclusion:

On that red and green mattress, the judoka suffers, sweats, cries, laughs … but above all, the sportsman lives and builds ties and values that will last a lifetime.

I thank sensei Dan for allowing me to be a part of his dojo, to have prepared and treated me as a judoka.

I thank sensei Maria for her affection and rebuke when the imbalance was bad.

I thank the team that, although I was the last arrived there, they welcomed me with open arms.

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