1. I will always be master of my thoughts and i will cultivate only good ideas. In the dojo I will be master of my moods because i don’t want to affect the work of my teammates.
  2. I won’t use derogatory or unpleasant words. I will say only the truth. I want to hear twice, think and then speak: for this I have two ears and one mouth.
  3. I want to control my actions. I will fight for the truth and for the good. I won’t hurt someone with my actions.
  4. I will joke and laugh with my mates, but i will never make fun of someone. I will not spoil the solemn moments. I want to enjoy everything that is beautiful.
  5. I will listen to the advice of my coaches and judoka more prepared than me, trying to put them into practice. In serious moments i will stay seriousness. If I have differing personal opinions, I will express them openly.
  6. In hours of training I will do only: JUDO. I want to concentrate all my thoughts on judo. I will make progress only if I will work tirelessly to give the best of myself. I want to help others to learn judo in all its splendor and beauty.
  7. In competitions I will fight with courage and loyalty. I will always respect my opponent and I will always strive to get good results for my team and for my country. If i become a winner will not be superb and if a lose I will work ten times more to improve myself.
  8. If i will feel pain i will not try to complain, showing the mastery of myself. I will not bother the companions with my screams and my complaints. I forgive those who, intentionally or not, have caused me pain.
  9. I will fight for the honesty and loyalty, without exhibitionism. If I’m forced to defend myself and others in case of danger I will not behave like a wild man, but I will use  my power and knowledge only with good intentions and to defend the truth.
  10. “The Intelligent man surrenders”, says an old saying. Daily in my life and trainings i want to give up for winning. But I will never run away to avoid the danger.